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JRG Builder & Remodeler’s specializes in custom home building and custom remodeling including home extensions, room additions, kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovations.

Extensions & Room Additions

Families seeking more living or storage space can increase their comfort level with a well designed home extension or room addition…

Kitchen Remodeling

It’s been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where families gather to begin the day and where holiday celebrations commence….

Bathroom Remodeling

A sensible bathroom design can manage the early morning rush and also calm frazzled nerves…

  • Dear Mr. Garcia,I am writing to provide very positive feedback regarding JRG Builder and Remodeler's workmanship so that others may benefit from my experience with your fine services. As you may recall, my two-story home suffered very severe structural damages as a result of Hurricane Ike in September 2008. My home was hit by a large tree which penetrated through the roof of the second story, breaking water, gas and electricity lines. The water damage from the hole in the roof ravaged much of the entire structure. When I contacted you soon after the storm, you were most accommodating and provided very detailed outline for my insurance company of the repairs that would be required to restore my home. Your helping me to work through the process with my insurance company was most appreciated. Once you began the repairs on my home, I decided also to remodel various aspects of my home, including removing walls, cabinetry, granite installation and flooring. Because I have an older home, you also upgraded my electrical and plumbing and brought my home up to the current code requirements. You were very conscientious about keeping me up to date with progress and enabling me to coordinate repairs and remodeling work with your subcontractors. You gave me insight and guidance into how best to work within my budget. My home is now beautiful! your workmanship, service and quality are exceptional. I would highly recommend you to anyone who asks. JRG Builder and Remodeler's is tops in my book for home repair, reconstruction or remodeling work. Best regards.
    - Valerie L. Purcell
  • Gonzalo Garcia, Owner of JRG Builder & Remodeler's, came highly recommended from friends who had been former clients. From our initial meeting, my wife and I were impressed by his professionalism and organized approach to our kitchen remodeling. Now that our project is complete, we can say that he lived up to our friends’ recommendation and our own high expectations. He is knowledgeable, ethical, responsive, and very easy to work with. We will use him in the future and would not hesitate to recommend him.
    - Jose’ Oti
  • I have contracted with Mr. Gonzalo S. Garcia on several remodeling projects for my home. The largest project has been the tear-down of an old bathroom and complete construction of a large modern bathroom. Included in another project, was the completion of custom built-in bookcase, built to my specifications. I have been very pleased with the quality of work and attention to detail by “JRG Builder & Remodeler’s”. I have also been very pleased with Mr. Garcia’s constant communication with me on the progress of the projects, problems that arise during the remodeling of an older home and his suggestions on dealing with these problems in a timely and cost-effective way. I appreciate the fact that Mr. Garcia is very business oriented regarding costs and does not have any “hidden costs” at the end of a project. The highest recommendation that I can give “JRG Builder & Remodeler’s” is that I plan to continue to utilize Mr. Garcia’s company for my remodeling projects. I highly recommend “JRG Builder & Remodeler’s”! Thank you.
    - Shelia Vickers
  • Mr. Garcia assisted our family in making a renovation and addition a reality. We worked closely together to determine if this monster project was feasible with our existing foundation. He consulted with a structural engineer to determine how the added weight of an additional level could be handled. We added about 1,443 square feet to our home building up rather than out. The day the project was started it began raining at least once a day for 51 days. Mr. Garcia did everything possible to continue our project as close to schedule as achievable and protect our existing home. He came to check the progress of the workman daily and addressed any concerns we might have immediately. While the overall design of the project was a bathroom into a game room. With his help, we managed to live in the home while the construction went on with a five-year-old and a dog.
    - Kristie Campbell
  • JRG Builder is the best!!!
    - Austen C